David Story

Picture of David Story with a laboratory background

David Story

Chandran/Selvaraj Laboratory Manager
Department of Clinical Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh

David manages Professor Siddharthan Chandran's large laboratory research group within the Euan MacDonald Centre. He ensures that everything is in place for the many vital projects taking place. David assists in lab work, maintaining cells, and processing samples. David also plays an active role in ensuring Health and Safety guidelines are also followed, and was appointed Radiation Protection Supervisor for Chancellor's Building in 2024. One of the tasks he finds most rewarding is the public engagement the lab conducts and forging a bridge between the lab and the Clinic's 'Bench to Bedside' research.

David graduated from Bradford University in 1992 with a BSc in Biomedical Sciences, and afterward worked in the Crystallography department at the University of Cambridge and the Brain Repair Centre at the University of Cambridge. He moved to Edinburgh in May 2009 to take up his current role as Laboratory Manager/Euan MacDonald Centre Finance Manager.

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