Dr Rachel Blacow

Rachel Blacow picture

Dr Rachel Blacow

Rowling Clinical Research Fellow
University of Edinburgh

Rachel's interest in research began during her intercalated degree in Epidemiology, where she began working on research into bronchiolitis with the RECSEU group. After graduating from the University of Edinburgh, she completed her foundation training in South East Scotland.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Rachel became involved in clinical trials as a Clinical Research Fellow based at the Clinical Research Facility, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow. She was deeply involved in Covid-19 research, particularly vaccine and treatment trials. At the same time, she took up a Research Associate position at the University of Glasgow in the Centre for Virus Research, where she was involved in further Covid-19 research in association with Covid-19 Genomics Consortium (COG-UK).

Rachel is an aspiring academic neuroradiologist and hopes to further her interest in imaging research during her Fellowship at the Anne Rowling Clinic.