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Motor neuron disease (MND) clinic

Motor neuron disease (MND) clinic

Our team runs a fortnightly multi-disciplinary MND specialist clinic that integrates care with current research.

On the first visit, you will meet one of the neurologists and one of our nurse specialists. They will discuss the diagnosis, help decide what your needs are, and arrange any further tests required.

You will have access to specialised services such as ventilatory support

Subsequent visits can be planned after the initial consultation.

We very much encourage you to bring your partner and/or close family/carer to the consultation, and recommend that you think in advance about any questions you might like to ask, possibly noting these down in a note-pad to bring along with you. If you are on any regular medications then bringing along a list of these is also helpful.


CARE (Clinical, Audit, Research & Evaluation)-MND is a platform under the RowlingCARE banner to integrate clinical care with research for people with MND across Scotland. By maintaining a comprehensive and detailed register of people with MND, healthcare professionals can ensure ongoing comprehensive monitoring of patients and provide access to research regardless of geography. The teams can also evaluate and audit care provision to harmonise the highest possible care across all regions in Scotland.

CARE-MND has its own website where people with MND can sign-up and access useful information about their care team and research opportunities.

Visit the CARE-MND website

MND research

MND research is conducted in close collaboration with the Euan MacDonald Centre for MND Research. The Euan MacDonald Centre is based at the University of Edinburgh and is a not-for-profit, charitable network of over 200 researchers across Scotland. The Centre uses research to improve the lives of people living with MND and related conditions.

The Euan MacDonald Centre leads the MND-SMART clinical drugs trial. MND-SMART is an innovative multi-arm, multi-stage trial that is testing multiple drugs at sites across the UK. It is now the UK's largest-ever drugs trial in MND.

For other MND research at the Anne Rowling Clinic, please visit our Find a Research Project page, and filter for motor neuron disease.


Neurologists:  Professor Siddharthan Chandran, Prof Suvankar Pal, Dr Richard Davenport

Scottish MND Lead Consultant Nurse:  Judith Newton

MND nurse specialists:  Gill Stott, Alison McEleney