Group of fundraisers in Anne Rowling T-shirts with hills in background


From once-in-a-lifetime challenges to small informal events, there are countless ways to fundraise for the Anne Rowling Clinic.

Three people pictured in running clothes, the person in the centre has an Anne Rwoling Clinic running t-shirt on and a participation medal and a running number

Events & Challenges

A selection of organised events that you can sign up to and fundraise for us - or you can choose your own!

Image of a bake sale with chocolate bites (right), Victoria sponge cake (centre) and chocolate cupcakes (left)

Organise your own event

We can help! Tools and advice to make your fundraising as straightforward, fun and financially successful as possible.

An Anne Rwoling Clinic collection tin in the centre saying 'Thank you for your donations on it'

Getting your money to us

You can get your money to us online, in person, by phone or post.

Colourful shopping bags

Raise money whilst you shop

Raise money whilst you shop online.