Dr Neil Watson

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Dr Neil Watson

NHS Lothian Neurology Registrar
NHS Lothian

Dr Neil Watson is a neurology registrar in NHS Lothian. He participates in a variety of clinics in the Anne Rowling Clinic, as well as contributing to the ongoing MND-SMART clinical trial. 

His research background is in human prion disease, and he completed an MD with the University of Edinburgh in which he led an international study validating the current diagnostic criteria for sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. 

Neil's clinical interests include cognitive disorders, neurological infections, and vascular neurology. From a research perspective he is interested in symptomatic treatments and novel approaches to the diagnosis and monitoring of neurodegenerative disorders. 

Neil is also a passionate medical educator interested in modernising neurology education, including using digital technology and simulation, as well as giving patients a platform to tell their own stories. 

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