Dr Rozanna Meijboom

A picture of Rozanna Meijboom

Dr Rozanna Meijboom

Research Fellow in Neuroimaging
Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Dr Rozanna Meijboom’s research focuses on ‘neuroimaging biomarkers in early multiple sclerosis.' This means she explores whether we can use pictures of the brain and spinal cord to predict how MS will continue to develop over time, from the early stages of the disease. Rozanna’s work is part of the Scotland-wide FutureMS study and MS imaging team Edinburgh, and performed in close collaboration with MS clinicians.

Rozanna studied psychology and neuropsychology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands. In 2017, she completed her PhD in ‘neuroimaging in dementia’ at the Erasmus Medical Centre, The Netherlands, and joined the MS imaging team in Edinburgh as post-doctoral researcher shortly after.

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