PITMS study

Predicting Individual Treatment responses towards personalised medicine in MS. A study to develop a computer tool that predicts responses to MS medication.


  • Multiple sclerosis

Project type

  • Understanding the condition

About the project

The Anne Rowling Clinic is taking part in the PITMS observational study led by the University College London (UCL). The decision about which drug to give to a patient is currently very complicated and is based on personal preference. Many elements that may influence treatment response, such as genetic factors, blood biomarkers, MRI markers are not taken into account when choosing a medication. Medications are changed when a new relapse occurs.

The aim of the study is to develop a computer tool that predicts whether an individual patient will respond to a medication by using special mathematical models that learn from the patient's individual MS profile and make predictions about the future. This is a crucial step towards 'personalised medicine', which means to be able to prescribe the right medication for the right patient.

To achieve this aim we need to collect as much information as possible about the details that may influence a person's response to their MS treatment. This includes details about a person's gender and ethnicity, blood tests and MRI scans, clinical examinations, and lifestyle factors such as smoking and diet.

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Dawn Lyle

Eligibility criteria

Adults who have recently been diagnosed with any type of multiple sclerosis (MS) and have not yet started on disease-modifying treatment.