TRIDENT is testing whether using a triple pill to control blood pressure (BP) is best for people who have had a stroke due to a brain haemorrhage and who have mildly or moderately raised BP.


  • Stroke due to brain haemorrhage

Project type

  • Clinical drug trial

About the project

TRIDENT stands for Triple therapy prevention of Recurrent Intracerebral Disease EveNts Trial

People who survive a stroke due to a brain haemorrhage are at risk of suffering another stroke. The higher your (BP), the higher your risk of another stroke. There is strong evidence to show that this risk can be reduced by lowering blood pressure. Some stroke patients do not receive any BP-lowering treatment; while some stroke patients do receive BP-lowering treatment, but it does not control their BP well. 

TRIDENT is testing a 'triple pill', which is one pill containing three BP-lowering or 'antihypertensive' drugs, each at a low dose. TRIDENT is comparing the 'triple pill' and standard care with a placebo pill and standard care to see which is best for reducing the risk of another stroke.

The 'triple pill' is made up of three different antihypertensive drugs that have already been approved by regulatory agencies for the treatment of people with high blood pressure, These three drugs are telmisartan 20 mg, amlodpine 2.5 mg and indapamide 1.25 mg. The treatment of high blood pressure usually starts with a low dose of one BP-lowering drug. If this doesn't work, standard practice involves your GP increasing the dose of the drug, changing it to another drug, or adding in more drugs. TRIDENT is testing whether using a combination of low dose drugs from the outset is better than the standard practice.

The study plans to recruit up to 200 participants at more than 10 hospitals in the UK.

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More information

Trident study website identifier: NCT02699645


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National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMC) of Australia



Recruiting now


Allan MacRaild, Edinburgh stroke research nurse
0131 465 9536

Eligibility criteria

People with uncontrolled blood pressure who have had a brain haemorrhage.