GTAC (Genomic Translation for ALS Clinical Care)

An international study examining the causes and patterns of progression of ALS (motor neuron disease).


  • Motor neuron disease

Project type

  • Understanding the condition

About the project

GTAC investigates why a person develops motor neuron disease (MND) and why their symptoms present and progress with particular patterns.

Researchers will gather information about the health, environmental exposures, and follow the pattern/progression of the disease over time in individuals. This information will be used together with genetic information from blood samples to look for factors that determine why motor neuron degeneration begins and how or why it progresses.

The study will also store cells from blood samples that can be used in future studies.

We hope to recruit 50 people from Scotland into the GTAC study. This involves a one-off visit to Edinburgh to have a neurological examination, questionnaires, and a blood sample taken. Follow-up is 3-6 after the initial visit and this can be conducted over the phone by the research team. 

For further information about the study including exclusion criteria please contact Judith Newton, Scottish MND National Lead Consultant Nurse or register your interest at CARE-MND and one of our research team will contact you.  


The study is led by the University of Columbia in the USA and funded by the ALS Association (USA). The local arm of the study is funded by the Anne Rowling Clinic.




Fully recruited


Judith Newton, or your MND Clinical Specialist
0131 465 9512

Eligibility criteria

People diagnosed with ALS (MND) may eligible for GTAC. Exclusion criteria do apply so please contact us to find out more.