Vitamin D levels in people with MS

This study aims to improve our understanding of the levels of Vitamin D, and factors affecting this, in people with MS across the UK.


  • Multiple sclerosis

Project type

  • Understanding the condition

About the project

Within the UK, this study aims to recruit 500 people with MS and 500 ‘matched controls’- people without MS who are the same age and gender and similar ethnic background as the person with MS. The Anne Rowling Clinic is recruiting 25 people with MS who currently attend the Clinic for their MS NHS appointments and can provide an age, gender and ethnic ‘matched control’ who live within 50 miles of them. If a control is not available the person with MS can still participate in the study.

The person with MS will need to attend an appointment at the Clinic to collect a study kit for them and their ‘matched control’. Both participants will then be asked to complete a questionnaire containing brief questions about their lifestyle and MS. The study kits contain materials to perform a finger prick blood sample for Vitamin D levels and a cheek swab for genetic testing. The questionnaire, blood sample and cheek swab can be completed in your own home and then posted back to the research team.

This study is led by Dr Ruth Dobson, Wolfson Institute of Preventative Medicine, London and is expected to be completed after 16 months.



MS Society



Closed – analysing data


Dawn Lyle
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Eligibility criteria

People may be eligible to take part who 

  • have a diagnosis of MS by a neurologist
  • currently attend the Anne Rowling Clinic for their NHS MS appointments
  • are aged over 16


Photo Credit: Sindre Strom from Pexels